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Do you have a lot of extra ingredients at home and don't know what to do with them? Ask Chef! Want to learn something new for your home cooking skills? Ask Chef! Want to get an estimated calculation of Nutritional Macros with the meal you're making today? Ask Chef!

Now that we are in a digital age, Chef Rene wants to help you in your kitchen through video calls, phone calls, or text messaging. He is here to help you figure out your next meal whether you have questions how to cook something or just need a chef's input, he is here for you! 

It's free to sign up for his service. After signing up, get in touch anytime or schedule 30 minutes in advance for video calls! This is paid by your donations on however you feel about the service he provides for you.

You can now be part of his online Facebook group, DIY Chef Tips - ATX, for a community group where anyone can post for some ideas, tips, or random ingredients to get help with! Feel free to join here!

DIY Chef Tips - ATX

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