Pricing of Services

Meal Plans & Preps

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2 Dinner Meals:

3 Dinner Meals:


4 Dinner Meals:


Family Of 4

2 Dinner Meals:

3 Dinner Meals:


4 Dinner Meals:


Chef fees depend on size of family and number of meals.
Contact for more information for families of 5 or more.

+ Groceries: Varies by Menu (usually around $100-$300 estimate)

Organic Ingredients: Please Let Chef Know to Include in Grocery Charge

Sales Tax: 8.25%

Traveling Fee: Varies from $5-$50
10+ Guests: 
+15% Large Party Fee

All private dinners or parties are priced to include groceries. Priced before tax and before traveling fee. 

Private Dinners

3 Courses - $135
4 Courses - $170
5 Courses - $200


Priced per Person before Tax
Parties of 2-20 Max 

In-Home Parties

Prices starting at $1000+

To Include 6-15 Menu Items
Buffet or Family Share Styles


Priced before Tax + Large Party Fee
Parties of 10-30 Max 

Oh My, Omakase!.jpg

Omakase Menu
Collaboration with EverSoul Culinary

$200 Per Person before Tax
Parties of  6-10 Max

Indulge in 1-2 bites sized plates with different tropical flavors to be explored through 9 courses. Plates all prepared by two chefs, Chef Rene Helit & Chef Dan Castro, both with Southeast Asian & Island origins, to give you the best flavors from their cultural upbringings.


Contact for more information and to discuss booking!